Keeping the internet global

What is Europe’s role in shaping a global internet? What is the role of standard-setting and new governance models in shaping a better future internet? We will discuss the promise and peril of digital sovereignty, threats to network integrity and resilience, and different approaches to trust and disinformation online.

Pearse O’Donohue

Welcome remarks

Marietje Schaake

On digital sovereignty and Europe's role in the world

Dame Wendy Hall

On the integrity of global networks

Peter Pomerantsev

On disinformation and internet freedoms

Bart Groothuis

On trust and cybersecurity

A sustainable, interoperable internet

How can we build an internet that is open, inclusive and sustainable? We will discuss how Europe can drive forward the transition towards a greener and more equitable internet. Our conversations will explore how abstract ideas like interoperability and decentralisation can be applied to create a more democratic, human-centric internet and what more Europe can do to support the open source community.

Julia Reda

On open source and alternative ecosystems

Cory Doctorow

On interoperability and competition

Xiaowei Wang

On decentralisation and the next billion users

Mohan Gandhi

On sustainable digital infrastructure and data minimisation

The internet as a public good

Can public digital infrastructure and commons-based approaches help us reclaim the internet as a public good that serves everyone, everywhere? What are the tangible next steps we can take to truly remake our digital economy? We will talk about the role of digital identity and consider the importance of inclusive innovation and good data governance.

Alice Munyua

On digital identity and innovation

Carina Lopes

On the work of the Digital Future Society

Katja Bego

On our vision for the future internet

Ethan Zuckerman

On digital public infrastructure and healthy media ecosystems

Alek Tarkowski, Sophie Bloemen

(LIVE) Interactive Salon: Lightning talk

Alice Munyua, Ethan Zuckerman, Maciej Kuziemski

(LIVE) Interactive Salon: Q&A

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